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Help Kids Write HQ

Big news!

After playing with this blog for young poets for three years, I realized it was time to make a site to benefit kid writers, their parents and teachers. I wanted it to have lots of tools, educational apps, books and resources. I wanted interviews with writers of all kinds, teachers and parents. I wanted to give kids writing ideas and reasons to write.

Viola! Now you can visit my new blog that is in development: Help Kids Write HQ

Help Kids Write HQ

When you see it, you’re going to notice that there are a few pages with no content. But that is temporary. I will be preparing some guest blog posts with authors and parents to be added very soon. I also want to improve my writing prompts. There will also be some tips of the day posts from time to time as well.

I am also looking for more ideas. This is where all of you, my visitors, come into the picture. I need to know what you would like to see in this kind of website. Write to me here.

Help Kids Write HQ is also on social media. I strongly recommend you visit and follow the various accounts because a lot of extra ideas, tips and inspiration will be found there. (I’m having a little trouble with Google+ right now, but I will resolve that soon.) Subscribe to the blog as well to receive updates of new posts by email.





Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #6

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May 31st, 2011

Writing Prompt #6 (ALL AGES)

“Kindness and Generosity”

When I was nine years old and having a rough time in school.  The other kids seemed like houligans and I was stressed.  It was the first time, I woke up not wanting to go to school.  One afternoon, after my mom picked me up from school, I arrived home to find the card table was set up in the middle of the living room, with a pretty tablecloth and the nice dishes she only used for guests. 

She went to the kitchen and came back with my surprise: a beautiful tenderloin steak and a pile of crab legs!  She told me that she felt bad that I was going through such a rough time at school and wanted to give me a treat.  (In reality, my mom always did cool stuff like this through my childhood and adolecense, but I remember that it blew me away.)

When I was sixteen years old, I was going through another rough time, but this time, it was with my friends.  I had been very depressed.  One Saturday morning, I arrived home to find a delivery of beautiful flowers.  Inside was a card from one of my dearest friends expressing her concern and support.  I was so touched by this loving gift that I wanted to express my appreciation.  I sat down in the living room and said, “A ‘thank you’ card just doesn’t seem like enough.  I wish I could go there and give her a hug.”  This was one of those wishes I just happened to speak out loud.  This dear friend lived about two hours away and I didn’t drive yet.  My Dad was sitting across the room from me and he said, “Get in the van.”  I looked up at him questioningly.  “You should give her a ‘thank you’ hug,” he said.  And so we drove two hours and surpised her at her little country house just to give her a hug of thanks…and talk for two and a half hours in her art studio.

Between the lovely flowers and my dad’s spontaneous decision to let me show my gratitude, these have been among some of the kindest things ever done for me, and obviously, I’ve never forgotten either one. 

So, now’s your chance to think of some act of kindness or generosity that someone has shown to you and to turn it into a poem of any style. 

Who was it?  What did they do?  Why was it special/important to you?  How did it make you feel?  Don’t spare details.


Visual Writing Prompt #6

“Sleeping Puppy”

Musical Writing Prompt #6

“Caruso” performed by Andrea Bocelli

(For a translation of these beautiful lyrics, click here )


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