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Help Kids Write HQ

Big news!

After playing with this blog for young poets for three years, I realized it was time to make a site to benefit kid writers, their parents and teachers. I wanted it to have lots of tools, educational apps, books and resources. I wanted interviews with writers of all kinds, teachers and parents. I wanted to give kids writing ideas and reasons to write.

Viola! Now you can visit my new blog that is in development: Help Kids Write HQ

Help Kids Write HQ

When you see it, you’re going to notice that there are a few pages with no content. But that is temporary. I will be preparing some guest blog posts with authors and parents to be added very soon. I also want to improve my writing prompts. There will also be some tips of the day posts from time to time as well.

I am also looking for more ideas. This is where all of you, my visitors, come into the picture. I need to know what you would like to see in this kind of website. Write to me here.

Help Kids Write HQ is also on social media. I strongly recommend you visit and follow the various accounts because a lot of extra ideas, tips and inspiration will be found there. (I’m having a little trouble with Google+ right now, but I will resolve that soon.) Subscribe to the blog as well to receive updates of new posts by email.





Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #17

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Saying “Goodbye”

I live a long way from home and I visit my family once a year.  In fact, I have just been with my family for a few weeks.  Now it’s time to return to where I live.  So yesterday and today I said goodbye to my grandparents and parents.  I think it gets harder every time.  It’s like setting a boulder on my heart and pretending that there’s no weight at all and that I can still breath.

Have you ever had to say “goodbye” to someone that you knew you wouldn’t see for a long time?  Imagine that you are explaining it to a friend that’s never had to experience it before.  Describe what it feels like and use your notes to construct your poem.

Musical Writing Prompt #11

“Goodbye”  performed by Ursula McLoughlin (2005) & The Kieran Wilde Quintet


“Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down