Resources for Parents

Writing Tips for Parents

This section is for the parents of young poets.  I’ve been asking my former teachers and experienced writers to share their ideas about how to encourage children and teens to write. 

Feel free to share your own ideas.  You can write me at:  Subject: Young Poet Blog

Writing Tip for Parents #1

This one comes from Teri S., a second grade elementary school teacher from Wisconsin:

“I strongly encourage parents to buy their children writing journals. I ask them to choose a
really “cool” notebook and purchase a box of pencils and sharpener.
Writing becomes a the more they write the better. I have
students that bring their journals into class to share. They get so
excited. I also use an authors chair. Everyone gets to sit there at one
time or another and share what they have written. I think the best thing
parents can do is to just make writing a part of natural daily
life…like speaking. Just another way to communicate.”

Suggested Website 1: The Poetry Archive – For Teachers

Suggested Website 2: Excellent resource for parents teaching poetry to their kids:

Great article with excellent ideas for audio poetry for kids:

THIS is TOO COOL:  Magnetic Poetry makes magnetic word strips that your kids can put on the refrigerator or any other metal surface to create poetry.  Check out the following websites to purchase a small box.  Magnetic Poetry on or Fat Brain Toys  The original set comes with up to 300 words, letters and word endings to let your child get creative.  Keep an eye on upcoming Multi-Media Writing Prompts to see what you can do with them.

Poetry Teachers

A site for understanding poems: Shmoop


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