Reading & Writing Apps for Everyone

Here at Young Poets Portal, we love technology, so we’re always looking for new programs, applications and devices that help writers or encourage reading and writing.

Lately, we’ve been finding lots of new programs and apps that we will try to share periodically with our readers.  So keep an eye on this page for updates.

Poetry by the Poetry Foundation   I love the website and now the app for reading poetry on a variety of themes.  The app has a really cool feature to mix and match emotions with a variety of topics, for example: “Contentment” & “Youth” brings up several poems on those themes.  Or “Frustration” & “Love” will bring up several poems written by classical and contemporary poets with those tones.  You can also search for poetry by feeling.  This app also allows you to save poems as favorites and share them using Twitter, Facebook or email.  It’s great for a little inspiration when you’re suffering from that evil writer’s block or just to share with friends to let them know you’re thinking about them.  So check it out – it’s FREE for Apple and Android.

Rhyme Lite by A2rt  This Apple app claims to be a “must-have for poets, song writers, rappers and romantics” and I would agree.  It’s a simple app to help you find the proper rhyming word for your next piece, whether song or poem.  I have it on my iPad for emergencies.  This one is also FREE!

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus by Mobile Systems  Another must-have app that I use all the time.  It is exactly what it says it is and I wouldn’t write without it.  FREE for Apple and Android.

Goodreads  One of the largest online reading/reviewing/recommendation forums.  This app is FREE for Apple and Android.  This is one of my favorite apps.

Primary Writer by Grassroots Technologies  Another FREE app for kids who like to write.  Choose the look of your paper and when you finish writing, you can email a PDF version to your friends or family. If you have an AirPrint printing device, you can even print your work right from your iPad.


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