Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #42 – Something New

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I’ve been listening to poetry readings on YouTube lately. I found these beautifully read pieces that actually motivated me to write several poems. They make great writing prompts, so here are just two. I hope to add a few more in the next few weeks.

‘Sonnet 43 from the Portuguese’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning ┬áread by Dame Judi Dench


‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth read by Jeremy Irons


Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #41: Cute Lovey-Dovey

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You can’t help smiling when you hear certain songs. These songs have that effect on me. I call them lovey-dovey because they are sweet romantic songs. These are great writing prompt songs.

I Want You Back performed by Colbie Caillat


A Wink and a Smile by Harry Connick Jr.


Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #40 – DANCE PEOPLE!

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For this prompt, you have to turn up your speakers and I want you to dance to these next songs.

While you’re dancing, imagine a scene dancing, anywhere your imagination takes you. A dance hall, a wedding reception, a graduation party, a block party, a pool party, the grocery store (which I highly recommend), the local department store, on a beach or maybe a quiet alley in a village in some exotic foreign land…wherever you decide.

When you finish dancing and imagining the scene, write it down.

What did it smell like? Who else was there or were you all alone? What time of the year was it? Put as many details into it as you can. Then write your poem or short story.

Have fun!


I Know You Got Soul by Bobby Byrd


Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles

Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #39

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Oooo! Have you ever had a day where you were so tired that you were almost dizzy?

Write a poem about something that wouldn’t be wise to do when you’re dizzy, like walking a tightrope or driving a car. How would it feel? What would happen?


Dizzy by Tommy Roe

image from www.thekinx.com
image from http://www.thekinx.com

Tired of Waiting for You by The Kinks

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