Writing Prompt for Kids & Teens #18

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A Bit of Mystery

I’m kind of proud of myself today.  Last night I finished reading my very first Agatha Christie novel, At Bertram’s Hotel a Miss Marple Mystery. 

This was a break from my somewhat usual recreational reading of old English romances like Wives & Daughers by Elizabeth Gaskell (which I read this year) and Charles Dickens’ Bleak House (the last one I read this year, which really isn’t a romance). 

I’ve loved good mysteries since I was in grade school.  I think I was in second grade when I discovered the Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobel.  I loved the stories SO much that I actually wrote a letter to the author, Mr. Sobel himself, to let him know.  He graciously wrote back thanking me. 

I also read two very exciting mysteries by Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White and The Moonstone a few years back.

I enjoyed Agatha Christie’s writing style so much and have always loved the character of Miss Marple.  I didn’t mention that although I had never read any of her novels, I have watched them on television.  Whenever PBS did a Miss Marple Mystery, my parents and I would be waiting impatiently on the couch with our cups of hot tea and our fuzzy blankets, ready to watch and guess “who dunnit”. 

Reading the story was a real treat and I look forward to obtaining more “Miss Marple Mysteries” in the future. 

So now, with the idea of “mystery” in the air, imagine how you can finish this thought and use it to make a poem:

“As I unlocked the front door and walked into my house, I immediately knew that something wasn’t right.  Everything was where I had left it in the morning, but there was the sensation that someone had been inside.  I was very unsettled.  Yes, something was definitely wrong.”


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