Writing Prompts for Kids & Teens

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I’ve moved some things around on the blog a bit.  The “Multi-Media Writing Prompts” page now contains all the previous writing prompts and will be updated frequently with new prompts. 

Here, you will find the basic writing prompts, the visual writing prompts and the audio/musical writing prompts.  My favorites are the musical prompts.

Personally, I can rarely write without listening to some sort of music at the same time.  In fact, once I get an idea, I have to settle down in front of my music files to decide which music to use that will fit the mood of the poem that I’m about to create.  Without the right songs, my piece goes in the wrong direction or dies before going anywhere. 


March 29th, 2011


Write a poem describing what snow is like.  Write it to a friend who has never seen or felt it before.



How does it feel to spend time with your best friend?  Tell me in a rhyming poem.



Tell me about your proudest moment – OR – Tell me about your most frustrating moment.


Visual Writing Prompt #1

“Turtle on the Highway”


 Write a poem of any style, rhyming or non-rhyming about what this turtle might be thinking.


Musical Writing Prompt #1

“Swan Fake” by Deviations Project


OR, if that didn’t inspire you at all, remember that different styles can be the trick.  Try this one:

“Spoonful” by Howlin Wolf



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