Writing Prompts for Kids & Teens #3

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April 12th, 2011


“Turn the Tables”

Take a day or time in the last month that was really frustrating.  Write down everything that made it especially irritating.  Now look at what you wrote and try to make it funny.  Exaggerate details to create drama.  Example:  “…And then the cat lept across the table, turning the milk jug into the new Niagra Falls…” 

Describe how you felt as everything was happening.  “…as my heart pounded and my face began to turn purple…”   Make your readers feel your frustration right along with you.


Visual Writing Prompt #3

Click on the link to this cool website that’s packed with visual prompts. 

Pick a prompt and put your pen to paper- or your fingers to the keyboard – whichever you choose!

Easy Street Prompts: http://www.easystreetprompts.com/


Musical Writing Prompt #3

“Crystal Village” by Pete Yorn



“Faniculi Fanicula” performed by The Three Tenors



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